Donate to Faith Bible Church Menifee

Thank you for helping support the work that God is doing in the Menifee Valley through FBC Menifee!

Currently, we are only accepting E-Check (Bank Transfers [ACH]) donations. To provide the convenience of online giving to you and your family, there is a cost. Because we are using Bank Transfers (ACH) for giving, the convenience fee is lower than if we allowed Credit/Debit Card giving. We wanted to let you know this, in the case that you were interested in covering that cost. The convenience fee cost for Bank Transfers (ACH) is: 1% + $0.25/transaction. To put this in terms of what it would cost for you cover this fee, look at it like this: A $100 online gift is charged a convenience fee of $1.25 ($100 x 1% = $1 + $0.25 = $1.25). Please consider giving a small percentage more than your intended amount to help cover those fees.